Marriage and Divorce: Protecting Your Business During the Separation Process

21 November 2017
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In family law, the division of property will take into account all the assets and liabilities of the involved parties. These combined elements are known as the matrimonial asset pool. If you have a business or are invested in a company, you should recognise that it will be considered during divorce and the division of property. In simple terms, the commercial setup will be assigned a monetary value, and it will become part of the pool. Read More 

Contempt of Court: What You Need to Know

16 October 2017
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If you have been accused of a criminal offence, you will be called before a judge and asked to enter a plea. If you plead not guilty to the charges which the state has brought against you, you will then face a trial in which your criminal defence lawyer and the state prosecution will present evidence which supports their positions. A jury of your peers will listen to this evidence and will then be directed by the judge to reach a verdict. Read More 

What Does an Australian Employee Need to Prove to Qualify for Workers’ Compensation?

21 August 2017
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Under Australia's workers' compensation law, an injured worker does not bear the burden of proof. This means that the worker does not need to prove that their employer is culpable for the injury suffered — he or she merely has to demonstrate that they fulfill the statutory requirements for eligibility for workers compensation. To qualify for workers' compensation, here's what you must prove: That you are legally employed. For you to be eligible for workers' compensation, there must an employment relationship between you and your employer. Read More 

Things That Will Render Your Written Will Invalid

21 August 2017
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Many Australians go through the trouble of writing a DIY will because they want to make sure their loved ones are well cared for after their death. But when it is time to read the will, their families have to contend with the disappointment that the will is invalid. A number of different things can render a written will invalid, and it is important for anyone intending to write a self-prepared will to know what these things are. Read More 

Speak Out If You Are Facing These Forms of Abuse in Your Family

17 July 2017
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Domestic violence is a sad reality that many families struggle with every day. Unfortunately, many victims of family violence are suffering in silence because they consider it to be a domestic matter and not a legal issue. The Australian law recognises that family violence is a vice that causes a lot of suffering to victims and even has the potential to break families. To help discourage the vice and ensure that legal action is taken against perpetrators of the crime, it is important to educate families on the various forms of family violence. Read More