Ways to protect your assets from being consumed by high nursing home costs

8 November 2018
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For elder Australians, nursing home care is often the biggest expense they face. Yearly costs for nursing home living can easily amount to tens of thousands of dollars. Therefore, even if you've amassed a considerable amount of wealth over your working years, your stay in a nursing home can still drain you of your estate in a short amount of time. This is especially inconveniencing if you wish to transfer your property to your children and grandchildren. Read More 

A Prenuptial Agreement – What You Should Know

16 September 2018
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A prenuptial agreement, also known as a prenup, is a contract between two partners. The contract stipulates how the assets and liabilities will be divided in case a union or a relationship comes to an end in the future. Unlike other normal contracts, this agreement is purely based on the Family Law Act 1975 (cth).  A couple can also enter into a financial contract before or during a marriage, prior to or during a de facto union, after a divorce or after a relationship ends. Read More 

Role of a Wills and Estate Lawyer in Estate Planning

25 July 2018
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A wills and estate lawyer is a lawyer that specializes in wills and estate law. As such his or her work revolves around preparing clients' affairs in preparation for death or mental illness. In reality, much of the work of wills and estate lawyers involves estate planning. This is the process of arranging for the management or disposal of a person's estate after they die. If you would want to hire a wills and estate lawyer below is how he or she will help you in estate planning. Read More 

Will Preparation: Three Practical Tips on Preventing Contesting Problems

25 May 2018
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Numerous people assume that a valid will cannot be contested after death. Unfortunately, this is a misconception. In general, there is legislation which allows eligible family members to contest the will if they feel that they were treated unfairly in the distribution of property. For example, a child who is excluded from their parent's will might be able to contest the document. Therefore, if you are planning your estate, you should be cautious to avoid leaving loopholes which could be exploited. Read More 

Why you should take advantage of the first-time home buyer’s grant

23 April 2018
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For any first-time home buyer, it can be challenging to keep up with all the fees, taxes and other costs associated with purchasing a home. For many Australians, buying a home will be their biggest investment and also their most costly one. Finding ways to mitigate costs can allow first time buyers to begin their journey towards home ownership. Various local governments have stepped up their efforts to facilitate home ownership. Read More