Preparing for the conveyancing process without pulling your hair out

22 October 2019
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If you've finally found the home of your dreams, or you've found a buyer who's making a lucrative offer for your home, you may be looking to finalise the transaction as soon as possible. However, the conveyancing process tends to be lengthy, complicated and sometimes expensive. To avoid pulling your hair out when buying your dream home, preparing early will be key. It takes a few months to fully complete the property transfer from a buyer to a seller. Read More 

The Role of a Deceased Estate Lawyer

23 January 2019
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Beneficiaries often have a difficult time settling a deceased person's estate. A deceased estate lawyer is an individual that helps beneficiaries understand the terms of the will and divide the deceased person's assets. Below is a short guide on the role of a deceased estate lawyer.  Locating the will The deceased estate lawyer will establish if your loved one had a will. Also, he or she will ensure that the will meets the minimum legal requirements. Read More