What You Need to Know About Pet Laws

26 March 2021
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Before acquiring a particular pet, take some time to determine whether any laws exist concerning that pet. It would be disheartening for you to acquire a pet only to find yourself in legal problems that might land you in jail or require you to pay a hefty fine. Here's what you need to know:

Did You Know There Are Illegal Pets?

Before you keep a pet, do some research to identify whether keeping a particular animal as a pet is illegal in your country or state. Some pets might not thrive in captivity, while others can become pests, hence the legal restrictions.

It might be in your best interest to note that if caught, excuses like you did not know keeping that pet was illegal fall on deaf ears. You are expected to do your research and determine whether a particular animal is an illegal pet.

Moving interstate with an illegal pet can cause some difficulty, especially when you are informed your pet cannot travel with you. Where do you take your pet? Before moving, identify whether your pet is legal in the state you are moving to; this helps you avoid stressful circumstances. You can make arrangements for a loved one to take care of your pet.

Pet Care and Animal Abuse

Animal abuse does not necessarily mean physically hitting/beating a pet. The mere act of not providing what the pet needs to live healthily and comfortably is viewed as an act of animal/pet brutality.

It goes without saying that before you acquire a particular pet, ensure you know and are in a position to provide everything your pet requires. This includes housing, food, water, love, entertainment and veterinary services.

Pets, Rentals and Tenants

As a tenant, you have the right to keep a pet, but you need your landlord's permission. That is why you find clauses in tenants' agreements reading no pets allowed or pets allowed.

If you sign a tenancy agreement that clearly states that no pets are allowed and then go ahead and keep a pet, your landlord has a right to throw you out.

The reason why a landlord might not allow pets is not that they hate pets. Some pets tend to damage fixtures and furniture, which can be costly to repair. Also, some pets are loud and may disturb other tenants, who may want to move to another apartment; this is bad news for landlords.

Contact a local lawyer to learn more about pet laws.